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Following are the ones that you should avoid: Steer clear of thorough discussions about anything that is negative. Share This. The face-to-face element is very important as well!

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It is based on his experience preparing and presenting Quarterly Business Reviews for digital marketing clients. You can read more about the nitty gritty of how to conduct a QBR in this articlebut as far as what that structure is, here are a few basic guidelines: Create an agenda and make sure all attending parties receive it well ahead of the meeting time.

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You should front-load the biggest opportunities for their business so that you have the most time to discuss these ideas during the QBR. Somrat Niyogi is the VP of business development at Clari. Looking back to last quarter Your presentation should start with a review of what happened after the last QBR. This shows the customer you intend to follow through on everything discussed, and that you will deliver results by the time you meet again. The Nine-Minute Rule: Divide your presentation into two parts: an initial summary that covers all of the important details and is done in nine minutes or fewer, followed by a detailed session. What reports should be pulled? You should have all pointers laid out before the meeting commences. Will a template be provided? Opinions expressed are those of the author. Start With Your KPIs We start our quarterly client strategy meetings by reviewing our campaign's key performance indicators. Wondering what is a CHI and how can you calculate it? Then you can look at your previous QBR decks and add in past initiatives that were not accomplished.

You will get to bounce ideas off of senior level executives and have a thoughtful strategic back-and-forth. We offer an expansive library of templates with powerful tools that allow you to customize each project to suit your needs.

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Given the breadth of data and the ability to segment by many subsets of data, having a list of all of the necessary slides will keep you focused the tasks remaining and keep you accountable to your timeline. For your QBR to be successful, it needs a deliberate structure. You should take advantage of the time with senior executives during the QBR presentation to ask questions about these topics. This shows the customer you intend to follow through on everything discussed, and that you will deliver results by the time you meet again. What is your plan to do that? Make a list of the pre-requisites, the reports that should be created, the metrics that need to be pulled out and the main goals to be discussed. If you only have a handful of high paying customers, do QBRs for everyone. Random check-in calls are ineffective for everyone, so you should distribute well-coordinated quarterly business reviews. For those unacquainted, Growth Pilots is a digital marketing agency that focuses on paid acquisition for high-growth technology startups. These critical quarterly meetings help foster the relationship and ongoing partnership between your company and your client.

Huge selection of presentation templates Free your presentations from the limitations of slide-based templates with the expansive and adaptable format of Prezi presentations. All you have to do is fill in the information for each client.

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To make your CHI assessment as impactful as possible, you should be able to explain in detail how you arrived at that figure. That said, you should give the customer the opportunity to provide honest feedback. Rather, it informs your decisions on what the right tool is and when is the right time to use it. Every QBR should include a forecast discussion and commitment to it. QBRs are high-touch events, and will most likely be used for your higher-touch clients. The actual structure of your review can be flexible. Otherwise, you can use this template to build your own presentation. A: In an alternate universe where you have infinite time, staff, and resources, every customer would get a QBR. The QBR should have include these 2 outcomes: Review successes and misses from the prior quarter and what was learned Create a plan for the upcoming quarter Throughout the entire Customer Success QBR process, you will encounter bumps in the road and unexpected conversations — some of which may be uncomfortable. Even before the QBR started, you felt like you were walking into a punishment — you felt like a victim, regardless of whether or not you hit your customer renewal target or growth quota. No matter how tempting, never sacrifice the process. Use this template 2. Craft an interactive pitch deck, highlight your latest business report, enhance your classroom materials, or update your marketing presentation. As the person responsible for results and progress, you should take responsibility for anything that went wrong and share all the credit with your team for the things that went right.

Set the agenda as discussed above. Once per quarter, obviously.

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You should lay emphasis on the successes more than the failures. No matter how tempting, never sacrifice the process.

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Otherwise, you can use this template to build your own presentation.

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How to Write an Effective Quarterly Business Review