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It would be vital, I believe, for the writer to know well in advance who did it, or the structure would fall apart. Sam still felt a British awkwardness about the familiarity with which they spoke to him.

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The whole thing is just a ruse. But rather than seeing a turnaround in the way the Mail presents its features, Juliet feels that since she won her case, a growth in internet traffic has seen things get worse, with few in her position ever having recourse to the law to save their reputations.

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But when they begin corresponding by chance Tina writes a letter to his museuman unexpected friendship blooms as they try to make sense of their life experiences. How do we do it?

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If you entered last year you can enter again, but NOT with the same book as last year. She stayed awake to chat to them, her laptop perched on bent knees in her bed. Nicci says: We don't have many rules: three, I think. Meanwhile, in Denmark, museum curator Professor Anders Larsen has lost his wife — and his hope in the future. Young Writers is not a scam in the strictest sense of the word, but it is unethical. This competition is a great vehicle for your novel to be discovered. Share or comment on this article: A plot that grips, moves and intrigues The ability to create characters so real you can reach out and touch them is vital, too.

We do all research together, we talk to people, we travel to possible locations. Make sure the idea behind your novel is a strong one, and that we can see it playing out in the material you send us.

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