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Implicit Customer Expectation: Refers to the established performance norms. Here is a great example.

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For many firms this will require devoting far more attention to explaining their policies and practices to customers, teaching customers more about the service they are buying, and listening to customers and becoming more sensitive to their expectations and concerns.

Implicit Expectations Implicit expectations reflect established norms of performance.

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Merely satisfying customer expectations is more like playing the safe game. With the process dimensions, however, the opportunity is present to surprise customers with uncommon swiftness, grace, courtesy, competence, commitment, or understanding, and go beyond what is expected.

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The following quotes suggest the possibilities inherent in the service process to exceed customer expectations: My insurance agent helped lower my rate by combining the policy for my new car with a truck I have.

This predicament clearly did not engender a sense of tolerance and goodwill.

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Dynamic expectations may be about the changes in support, product, or service needed to meet future business or use environments. For example, a hotel could build an information system that captures guest preferences and creates the opportunity for a more personalized and enhanced service—from preassigning the preferred type of room to prestocking the room with the whiskey brand the guest requested on a prior visit. In these companies, managers have engineered conflict between selling and serving, thus diminishing the opportunity for relationship-based service Building a Customer Franchise through Service The richer conceptualization of customer expectations emerging from our research has a critical bearing on conducting and interpreting service quality research. In effect, the process dimensions of service play a different role than the outcome dimension of reliability. As mentioned earlier, our previous research has shown consistently that customers value reliability above all other dimensions. Firms must perform above the adequate service level to use service quality for competitive differentiation. Dynamic Performance Expectations Dynamic performance customer expectations are about how the product or service is expected to evolve over time. We then asked them to identify their single most important expectation. Here is a great example. Airlines rank each other on their ability to be on time. Collect Customer Feedback How could you possibly exceed customer expectations without knowing what these expectations are in the first place? What is the first thing that your Customer Service rep tells a frustrated customer? Institute an impactful employee training program While employee training and empowerment might not have a direct impact on customer retention or loyalty, if done right, employees will take it upon themselves to ensure that every single customer is kept happy, loyal and delighted.
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