Development of medical textile market

medical textiles

This will mean the combination of textiles with such materials as films, foam and adhesives to form structures for the treatment of wound and healthcare products [8]. Globally the demand for medical textiles is growing, on account of the strong demand base of developed countries coupled with the strengthening demand from developing economies.

The use of the textile fibres in medical application is becoming very popular. The U.

medical textile companies

Knitted fabrics are used for implantable devices and other applications used in hernia repair, surgical mesh, prolapse devices, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery mesh and various other containment devices.

Extracorporeal devices from Rajendran et al. Traditional applications Include wound care products, diapers, braces, protheses and orthoses, wipes, breathing masks, bedding and covers, ropes and belts etc.

woven medical textiles

Lower manufacturing costs, cheap and skilled labor force are creating opportunities for the emerging markets.

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Developments in Health Care and Medical Textiles