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Indeed, "you must not wait until you are old before you begin practicing the Way," he advises. Delhi, India: Sundeep Prakashan.

The metaphorical process as cognition, imagination, and feeling.

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It must have been a queer scene when they brought him face to face with the physician on entering his house. Of particular interest are the cases depicted in 4 and 5where we observe that death is expressed by a simile.

My focus, then, is on the elucidation of this non-literal usage of death, or, to put it straightforwardly, the metonymic usage of death in a syntagmatic context.

Some are mighty, some humble. The sense of linearity and juxtaposition is found in Bredin 8who compiles what he calls a representative list of eleven metonymies. Warren, Beatrice. The man who is deluded by fame and proit does not fear the approach of old age and death because he is so intoxicated by worldly cravings that he never stops to consider how near he is to his destination.

Why should human nature be dissimilar? Dirven 80 In the case of 7the metonym is not originally metonymic; it receives a met- onymic interpretation i.

Essays in idleness, passage 74 There are three reasons why I focus on the meaning of death in this article.

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