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Challenges of teaching

Have these characteristics facilitated teachers' effectiveness, professional growth and enhancement of a viable educational system? An analysis of the result obtained showed that teaching practice has never been a waste of time rather it has helped to inculcate the professional traits in student teachers, preparing them for the real classroom and school situation. Rather, it depends on what the teacher makes out of them through their intelligent handling of the necessary materials in the domain of teaching and learning of social studies. To obtain this large number of teacher trainees, the government mounted four different teacher education programmes for four different categories of school leavers, viz; a One-year course for holders of the West African School Certificate WASC. Generally, the pre-requisite qualification for admission into a teacher training institution was standard IV. A journal of teachers education. But if instructional materials are used in teaching social studies it will arouse the interest of learners. Design a More Coherent Educational System 2. This was meant to produce estimated , additional teachers that will feed the rising demand in the education sector within the framework of the UPE scheme Adeyinka, For teacher quality to rise above the educational system, a strong teacher education programme is required. Adeyinka, observed that with the introduction of the education system, the need for a new orientation for secondary teachers and students arose. Education Journal. Ajayi, J. The duration of the course was two years, after which they would sit for the pupil-teacher examination.

In addition, prior to the emergence of these institutions, the Nigerian federal government had, in preparation for the Universal Primary Education UPEapproved emergency teacher training programmes which began in September, The student-teacher is also regarded as a part of the school system and thus expected to participate in all teaching activities within the school system until the expiration of the exercise.

Ajayi, J.

Issues and problems of pre service teacher education

Audio-Visual Aids:- This is a term derived out of audio and visual, to indicate a variety of communication materials used to send out message, ideas and experiences through the active participation of sense organs of both sight and hearing e. Nigeria can "customize" these programmes according to their specific needs and the type of "profile" they want to attract into the teaching profession, modifying the requirements to enter, the modalities to certify teachers, the way they are financed. Akpofure ed. Herein comes the role of effective teacher education programme to translate the needed skills, knowledge and attitudes to meet their needs and the societal ones. Nigeria Journal for curriculum studies. Student-teachers undergoing teaching practice tend to regard it as essentially an evaluative programme. In Attitudes to training. Audio-Aids: This are instructional materials that apply only to the sense of hearing e. The knowledge, and use, of computer technology as well as the internet is a necessity for all teachers to guarantee the relevance of the system and its products in the 21st century. Systematically put into place teacher quality mechanism: Systematic certification for teachers and accreditation for teacher education providers have to be put into place. They shall include the following: - Exclusive command of unique specialized knowledge and skills to practice; - Acquisition of esoteric knowledge and expertise through a long period of specialized education and training; - Encouragement of membership and lifelong career profession; - Possession of professional ethics as code of conduct and principles for maintenance of standards and morality in public life; - Performance of an essential service for sustainable human development and welfare; - Possession of broad range of autonomy with respect to the minimum teaching qualification e. Teacher education, being inextricably linked with general education and social goals, is constantly caught up in the series of dilemmas derivable from educational expansion, political, technological development and social change.

Oyekan asserts that teaching is a noble profession that calls for the highest degree of responsibility. The latter opened with only four pupils, but the number of pupils increased to twenty by when the institution became known as the Wesleyan College, Ibadan.

challenges of teacher training

According to Fafunwa,the supervisory system was inadequate and it seemed that the Missions were not adequately prepared for the task of training African teachers. The central purpose of teacher education according to the NPE is to provide teachers with the intellectual and professional background for their assignment.

what are the solution of teacher education in nigeria

Certainly, they contributed in no small measure to the development of teacher education in pre-colonial Nigeria. The modalities sole observation, tutoring and assistance, full responsibility of a class, small support tasks can be adapted to the particular context of each country.

problems of education

The various church missions such as the Wesleyan Methodist, the Church Missionary Society, the Baptist, the Church of Scotland Presbyterian and the Roman Catholic were not only the pioneers, but very active in the area between and

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