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Perceptions of the fairness in the division of household labor, however, more strongly affect assessments of marital satisfaction among wives than among husbands. Marital problems and conflicts do not cause you to feel insecure. While the use of available western marital quality measures in cross-cultural research is debated, there is consensus that western scales can be very useful for cross-cultural comparisons if their reliability and validity is vigorously assessed Allendorf , Sandhya For Bob and Mary this may mean finding babysitters, having occasional dinners alone without children , going on dates, and bringing to their relationship new ways of connecting. Sternberg Kramer, B. You motivate each other to live life to the fullest. Demographic trends such as increasing numbers of women in the workforce and longer life expectancy suggest that retirement is increasingly becoming a couple event, meaning that both husband and wife tend to retire together and adapt simultaneously to each other's retirement Szinovacz and Ekerdt. A Healthy Marital Relationship Not only do you feel happy and safe with your spouse, you are able to have those same feelings when alone. Credit: Eva-Katalin. Respondents are asked, on a scale of one to seven, to indicate how much they agree with each statement. Measures Marital Relationship Quality MRQ measures included in the FHWS consisted of four validated western scales, each measuring different dimensions of relationship quality: trust, communication, commitment and satisfaction. A relationship with their spouse is more of a struggle, something that has to be worked at.

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Lee, G. In addition to gender differences in the level of marriage, research points to important differences in the character of marital relationships in later life.

You motivate each other to live life to the fullest.

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You feel stifled as if your spouse does not listen or take into consideration your point of view. Kramer, B. Interestingly, however, regardless of these complexities, evidence suggests that the ideology of the western family, with its emphasis on companionship and romantic love is spreading the globe, even in settings with very little progress towards industrialization Cherlin Most of the current Ethiopian literature on marriage focuses on early marriage, its causes and consequences Erulkar , Tilson and Larson The dyadic satisfaction subscale assesses satisfaction in a relationship. Westport, Conn. Our study highlights the usefulness of adapting existing validated scales in a new context after assessing its psychometric properties. It thrives on mystery, the novel, and the unexpected. Gender differences in marriage The experience of marriage in later life differs substantially by gender. This pattern was thought to result from a reduction in the compatibility of spouses over time or from changes in the marital relationship associated with the shifting demands of child rearing and other social roles over the life course. Suitor, J. Sternberg

These gender differences are more pronounced, however, when the spouse in need of care is cognitively impaired, perhaps because the resulting loss of reciprocity in the marital relationship impacts the well-being of women more than men Hooker et al. Analyses of longitudinal data conducted in the s support the notion that marital quality declines early in marriage, but do not suggest that marital quality recovers again in midlife Glenn; Vaillant and Vaillant.

Majority of the women It was originally developed by Christensen and Sullaway and subsequently adapted and validated by Heavey et al.

He wants to make their lack-luster marriage more satisfying.

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In addition, small-scale studies exploring the nature of marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa have also concluded similarly. A probability sample of households, where the wife was of childbearing age 15 to 49 years and the husband aged 20 to 59 years was selected for the study. You do not make your relationship a priority. This gender difference in economic dependency is likely to decline for subsequent cohorts of elderly women due to improvements over time in women's participation and position in the labor market. Statistical Analysis We first examined characteristics of the four scales separately for female and male partners, given the gendered nature of traditional Ethiopian marriages, where roles and responsibilities are clearly demarcated based on gender Ezra To the extent that marriage is associated with benefits in terms of health and well-being in later life, it is important that we better understand the mechanisms underlying these observed relationships, and identify alternative sources of emotional and instrumental support among older adults. Occupants were enumerated and eligible couples identified. Part of what makes a relationship romantic is the excitement that comes with discovering a new person and noticing that that person cares about you.

Also, as discussed earlier, given that some of the structural forces shaping marriage and family across the globe are similar, comparing and contrasting how they shape marriage and relationship quality in different context becomes all the more relevant.

Your spouse can become upset with you without you taking on the attitude that you are no longer loved. The enumeration areas EAs were selected probability proportional to size and 20 households with eligible couples per EA were targeted.

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Use it as a guide to determine if you and your spouse are on the right track in your relationship or whether you both need to make some modifications to find your happily ever after. A relationship with their spouse is more of a struggle, something that has to be worked at. If love grows by repetition and familiarity, eroticism is numbed by repetition. You are dependent on your spouse for security and feelings of happiness. In time, couples like Bob and Mary may settle for security and certainty at the cost of playfulness and passion in marriage. If you are asked about your relationship the majority of what you have to say about it is positive. Szinovacz, M. For example, changing social norms and improved economic opportunities for women have increased the overall labor force participation of wives.

You complain to others about your spouse. For example, men more often show passion by pursuing and initiating lovemaking, focusing on purpose, protection and commitment; while women playfully tend to provoke and entice, focusing on vulnerability and feelings.

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9 Characteristics of a Healthy Marital Relationship