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The exhibition is curated by Melissa Harris, editor-at-large, Aperture Foundation.

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Many would certainly say: photojournalism and portraiture. Your photographs are graphically very simple, very resolved, but they are emotionally very powerful.

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What was it like to be white in Zimbabwe? Do the editors or the art directors who assign you the story ever tell you how you should shoot it or what you should emphasize? Shadow is a security guard. The most difficult part is actually preparing for my departure.

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In all other life experiences it's harder being a woman; but I think for a woman photographer--as a photojournalist particularly--the whole idea of access becomes easier because people are less threatened by a woman. Ending a story is always difficult, especially when you have come to know and care about people. Do you ever go to an editor or an art director with your own ideas for stories, or do they usually call you and commission you to do a piece? How many assistants do you usually take? Cheryl was great at it; Mary Ellen was great at it. I spent several weeks in both countries, and as you spend time you get clues as to how your story is going to evolve. At the end of my life I want to look back at what I've done and say, "This hasn't been for nothing. Commercial work can help support my personal work, and so I'll accept most reasonable commercial assignments. The story on the junkies in London was my idea, but Fellini was Look's idea. The buyer is solely responsible for identifying and obtaining any necessary export, import, or other permit for the delivery of the goods and for determining whether the goods are subject to any export or import embargoes. You understand that once you post User Content, your content becomes public.
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Mary Ellen Mark: Celebrated Photographer Dies at 75