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Pac-man Arcade game developed by Namo, distributed in the US, beginning in MTV brought the artist closer to their fans by being in their homes and showing how they look, along with how they sound.

Bright colors and flashy clothes were also the craze. Some of the styles were Loop pants, Ties with square bottoms, Rock star pins and Tube skirts.

Men wore heavy make-up and grew long hair; for example David Bowie or Boy George. Our hairstyles slowly flattened out, as if decompressing from relief. Just don't forget the songs.

Of cars that transformed into robots; of little ponies that were mine; of kids born in cabbage patches; of he-men and she-ras; and girls based on various berry-themed desserts.

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His albums and songs broke many music records and set Pop music as a strong force in the industry. My siblings and I might have cried from fear every time the Grim Reaper television commercial came on it turned us off tenpin bowling for yearsbut entire communities of adult queer men - not to mention haemophiliacs, sex workers, intravenous drug users and people who depended on blood transfusions - properly wept as they were almost methodically exterminated by a mysterious, unexplained syndrome, for which there was no cure, explanation or hope.

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Music became more diverse, with new wave, heavy metal, rap, techno pop, alternative rock and the "new" country sounds. Adults, meanwhile, bore witness to the advent of modern-day hero films and blockbusters - which is to say, they got adult movies that made them feel like kids.

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