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Please refer to the entire assessment schedule for all NAEP assessments since and those planned through Main NAEP assesses students at the national level in reading, mathematics, science, writing, economics, US history, civics, geography, the arts, and most recently in technology and engineering literacy.

These tutorials provide demonstrations of the assessment platform and tools and allows students to have hands-on experience before the assessment begins. NAEP assessments are moving forward to align with school practices. Initial research was conducted during through All of the assessments are administered by NAEP-contracted field staff across the country.

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NAEP is using the latest technology available to deliver assessments to students, and as technology evolves, so will the nature of delivery of the DBAs.

Inrandom samples of students took either the paper or digital version of the reading or mathematics assessment in each state and participating urban district.

Technology and Engineering Literacy TEL Assessment[ edit ] The TEL assessment framework describes technology and engineering literacy as the capacity to use, understand, and evaluate technology as well as to understand technological principles and strategies needed to develop solutions and achieve goals.

naep writing assessment
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