Rosa parks short essay

She lived with relatives in Montgomery, where she finished high school in and continued her education at Alabama State College. With the transit company and downtown businesses suffering financial loss and the legal system ruling against them, the city of Montgomery had no choice but to lift its enforcement of segregation on public buses, and the boycott officially ended on December 20, At the age of two she moved to her grandparents' farm in Pine Level, Alabama with her mother and younger brother, Sylvester.

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He goes into this contest with much pride, but has quite the surprise waiting for him. Any African American who disobeyed a white could be severely punished. She was an enormous inspiration to the African American Race.

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Sometimes the blacks were killed by the whites. If they did not, there would be a smaller chance of them getting any equality at all. The people who were involved were John Brown and Linda Brown. However, Rosa Parks was an individual who stood up for herself. Some of the blacks rode in cars together, but most of them walked on foot. Parks was very brave and stood up for what she believed in. The driver demanded, "Why don't you stand up? Parks' attorney, Fred Gray, filed the suit. She went to college at the Alabama State Teachers College. When Rosa was two years-old her parents split up and she, her mother, and her brother moved to her grandparents farm in Nearby Pine Level, Alabama Rosa Parks was not the only person to refuse to get out of her seat on the bus. Americans have suffered for many decades due to not having equal rights. Nonetheless, 70 percent or more riders on a typical day were black, and on this day Rosa Parks was one of them. In , a judge dismissed the defamation claims.

The bus driver stopped the bus and moved the sign separating the two sections back one row, asking four black passengers to give up their seats.

Jim Crow laws were laws were intended to keep blacks from mixing with whites Rosa Parks is mostly known for taking her courageous stand to a Civil rights activist Rosa Parks was an African American woman whose bravery helped launch nationwide efforts to end segregation of public facilities History.

Rosa parks short essay

Parks tells about her vital role in the struggle for equality. He was astonished and soon found himself falling in love Wills

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