Teenage is the best part of life essay

teenage is the best age essay

She wrote about what most authors would be to afraid to tackle and even did so from a teenage point of view. Some people think that the days attending school are the happiest time of most people's life while the others think that the adults are happier excluding the greater responsibilities.

Love relationships just make it even harder for a teenager to get a good education.

teenager of today essay

Memories made as an adult are less significant but one will never forget the years of growing up since they are the building blocks, which has made the individual. But there are also many things adults can enjoy that teens cannot such as a personal car, good salary and time.

Conclusion- summarise main points and restate opinion. On the other hand, adulthood is a stage when we have a better understanding of life, economic and decision-making freedom, matured thinking and a sense of achievement.

Time and tide waits for no man. They should accept the changes and difficulties they pass through and use the opportunities that they have so as to develop good future and have a happy life in their adulthood.

By being brutally honest, Sherman Alexie provided incite to how the everyday life of a teenage Native American is like. Second, people, in their mature years, have the right to exercise choice in matters of relationships.

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Teenage Life Essay